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Lake Elton, one of the saltiest lakes in Europe, its depth does not exceed 40 cm, the lake is famous for healing mud, which is abundant at the bottom under a layer of salty crust. In calm weather, the surface of the lake turns into a perfect mirror in which the bottomless sky is reflected. Since instead of water there is a concentrated salt solution in which life is impossible, and everything that gets into this brine instantly dies and is covered with sparkling salt crystals, this also applies to the techniques that I used for filming. I had to be extremely careful and yet I didn't save one lens, and the tripod literally crumbled after the third day of the shooting day, but I don't regret it, because I did some absolutely unique works.

Destroyed pier


This is all that remains of the pier from which people entered Lake Elton to take healing mud, swam on pleasure boats and breathed salty, healing air. But time and salt mercilessly destroys everything, only the remains of oak piles remind of the past.

Destroyed pier

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