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Direct derivatives or originally thinking and interpretation of our art by fellow NFT artists. All Royalties and sales profits will be allocated to buy art from other artists, under the JLC Collection! Artist wishing to have their JLC Art minted and published by us, must own a piece of #CMAnft If you are an artist and want to join the Jungle lab gang through your own interpretation and work — DM us!

JLC Art_Sen+Die#23



Light Pink





Luther went to Racoon city for a health check up by the umbrella corporation and this is what happened to him! JLC Art by Sen+Die, a limited edition of 50 Zombie pieces. 100% of all sales & royalties will go to support other NFT artists via the JLC Collection initiative.

JLC Art_Sen+Die#23

Licence : Pub/NonComm
Monnayésur SolSea
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