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My first collection will be home to various singular art projects that will be minting as multiples of varying numbers. Expect a mix of digital art and photography projects and a bunch of different themes.

Shadows Of The Neon Citadel


In a sprawling metropolis known as Neosphere, a duo of enigmatic warriors, Sable and Riven, stepped through the labyrinth of flickering holographic billboards and neon-lit alleyways. The city was a throbbing heart of technology and tyranny, divided by stark social strata—a glaring testament to a dystopian future. Sable, a seasoned ex-military agent, and Riven, a resourceful hacker with cybernetic enhancements, navigated the fringes of the city, concealed beneath dark cloaks that billowed like shadows in the glowing night. Their mission: to infiltrate the heavily fortified inner city, controlled with an iron grip by the authoritarian government. The heart of the inner city, known as the Neon Citadel, housed the ruling elite, their opulent towers soaring above the skyline like monolithic gods, overseeing the populace below with indifferent eyes. Within those glittering fortresses lay the key to Neosphere's oppressive regime—a central AI controlling information and dictating the city's fate. Sable and Riven had their motivations—personal vendettas against the government, its tyranny, and the plight of the downtrodden citizens. The duo fought on the edge of legality, operating within the shadows, aided by a network of rebels seeking freedom from the system's chokehold. Armed with high-tech weaponry and tactical prowess, they slipped past surveillance drones and encountered cyber-augmented security forces, their combat skills a hypnotic dance amidst a symphony of crackling energy weapons and cascading holographic displays. Their journey led them through the underbelly of Neosphere, where they encountered diverse factions—hackers, scavengers, and resistance cells, each with their own agenda in the fight against the government's control. As they neared the Neon Citadel, the stakes heightened, secrets unravelling, and loyalties tested. The pair faced not only physical threats but also moral quandaries. The true battle lay not just in overthrowing the regime but in deciding the city's fate after the fall of its authoritarian rule. Sable and Riven, armed with their own convictions, stood at the precipice of change, their footsteps echoing through the city's veins, ready to challenge the core of power within the Neon Citadel and set the gears of revolution in motion. Their alliance would be tested, and their decisions would shape the future of Neosphere—a world teetering on the brink of a new dawn or an eternal darkness.

Shadows Of The Neon Citadel

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