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3333 Guidry's Guardian NFTs need rescuing to provide support for MLB Network's Alanna Rizzo's Guidry's Guardian Foundation dog rescue efforts. 65% of the initial sales and royalties go to support GGF. GGF provides funding to shelters and clinics, paying for medical expenses for abused or abandoned dogs, and placement help through fostering and adoption. Learn more:

Guidry S1 #2003





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Owners of Guidry's Guardian NFT have proudly helped to support rescue of neglected and abused dogs. There is an overwhelming need of funding for rescue organizations to be able to pull dogs out of high-kill shelters. Guidry's Guardian Foundation is the reason that so many street and shelter dogs have been saved. 55% of sales and royalties do directly to GGF. Thank you for your support.
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Guidry S1 #2003

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