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CN RF Common Avatar #270






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The official Cyber Net Red Faction Female Common Soldier #270 Avatar. This Avatar is a 1 of 1 collectible that can unlock special rewards when combined with other Staking Tokens! To unlock these special rewards you must have the AVATAR Collectible & the NFT Staking token of the same name! For Example : If you own "Cyber Net Red Faction Male Soldier #1 Staking Token" and the AVATAR Collectible "Cyber Net Red Faction Male Common Soldier #1 AVATAR" in the same wallet, then you will unlock extra special rewards along your STAKING journey!! The first 100 Avatars will be attached as UNLOCKABLE CONTENT to the customers who purchase their Cyber Net Staking Token from our CYBER NET COLLECTION!! All other AVATARS will be disbursed amongst the community for reaching certain goals! The price of each AVATAR collection will be decided by the lucky members who receive them, as we will be giving these away free along our journey! All Royalties of this collection will be invested back into NFT Lottery Games for continuous production! These AVATARS are NOT ELIGIBLE for staking rewards unless combined with the NFT Staking Token with the same name. For more info, visit our discord =)
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CN RF Common Avatar #270

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