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All these monsters are one of a kind. They first made their appearance when I skated for Loadedboards back in 2007 - 2013. I helped design several longboards and my monsters were the graphic. I later had my very own Paris monster truck and a monster shirt with Loaded. I played a fun role in helping develop the stoke for longboarding worldwide and these monsters were a part of it. My monsters are different than a lot of collections because I just don't copy and paste them in photoshop and add a hat to one, sunglasses to the other and come out with hundreds of variations of just one design. These are all unique monsters, that are first-hand drawn with love by myself. After I draw them, they are scanned and colored. They all have similarities, may it be their eye shapes, gangly hands, multiple faces or fat lips. Each monster has a random story to tell so make sure to read their description. They love to people watch and be held. Hope you enjoy my funky designs. If you dig, I have an Etsy store with them printed on shirts.

Hamberger Man


Gangly Hands

Funky Teeth

The hamburger man can be yours to dine with. He loves a good burger but will settle for ramen. He likes his eggs over easy and eats 2lbs of quinoa a day. Watch out, he's got a mean spike in badminton. Hamburger man would love to be your friend. Sunshine and ninjas - Adam Colton
Hamberger Man
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