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Que arda mi arte

The exhibition “Que arda mi arte” (Let my art burn) is the second collaboration between SolSea and EmpowerArt NFT. It showcases a selection of works by Paola Gago, a versatile Latin American artist who uses various languages: audiovisual, illustration, scenic and performing arts. Gago sees art as a means to continue transmuting, growing and generating awareness, as a tool that allows us to connect sensibly with the broken pieces of this world. Her trilogies tackle relevant social issues, questioning constructs of patriarchal society and explore present problems that address vulnerability as the main engine of mistreatment and abuse. Gago also delves into mythical themes and deconstructs well-established and accepted “topos” and further connects them with contemporary perspective. The art of Paola Gago is provocative, invites communication and works as a generator of debates, reflections and changes.