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    Dimitri explains the process behind Moments as being “a picture taken at the exact same moment of a generative system using looping noises functions moving instanced cubes on a uv-map. The system uses variations on 6 different parameters (or group of parameters) in order to generate 1350 unique artworks. Each possible combination of parameters is taken into account.” From there, the raw collection went through an automated selection process (which also determines the rarity of each piece, ranging from 0 to 20, 20 being the rarest), also established by Dimitri, that checks the light-to-darkness criteria matches the rest and if it doesn’t, then the combination of parameters is skipped. This elimination process took out 304 combinations, leaving a total of 1046 Moments. Dimitri has been working in the field of contemporary art for over a decade and has specialised in the practice of new media art 4 years ago, developing generative, interactive and immersive systems. His outstanding work has been exhibited in galleries throughout France and the rest of the world and he has now taken the step to port his unique eye for monochromatic art into the NFT world.