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Koen Van Damme


Koen Van Damme is an architectural photographer. Belgium-based, working world wide. His photographs are published frequently and have been awarded several times. The NFT creation process drives him to build multilayered architectural images. His architectural photography challenges the established idea that self experience is the only way to entirely perceive architecture. His work reveals the essence of each building with a profundity that transcends first-hand sight itself. It guides our vision, shapes it, and compels us to stop in front of what would be certainly missed. Instead of love at first sight, he produces a type of aesthetical connection solely achieved with long-lasting companionship and intimacy, the one that only too many visits to the same building allow: the recognition of beauty in the routine, the regular dialogue of forms at each hour of the day; the identity given away in those apparently insignificant details that familiarity makes noticeable. This is the reason why he excels at capturing interiors more than exteriors. Both the work and its author are about profoundness, insight and reservedness. He avoids extravagance and artificiality not because of some Modern Movement creed, but as a devotion to a silent simplicity that resembles medieval spirituality. Joana Brites, Architectural historian