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Aleksandar Crnogorac


Aleksandar is a Serbian documentary photographer. He spent his childhood in Belgrade Serbia while his teen years were spent in Switzerland. In 2001 he graduated in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California and later earned a master’s degree in political science at King’s College London. He also holds a second master's degree in photojournalism from the the SPEOS Institute in Paris France. During his professional life, Aleksandar has devoted himself to commercial and documentary photography. In 2017, he returned to Serbia with the intention of dedicated himself entirely to documentary work. He is interested in the connection between personal identity and the physical world and has often explored this topic in his work. He is also interested in the rights of minorities and the way in which the wider society views and treats them. Aleksandar is convinced that socially engaged photographic projects can reach a wide audience and help educate people. He is the author of the Trans Balkan project. Aleksandar has published and exhibited his works in Serbia, France, Italy, Norway, the UAEs and in most of the Balkan countries. He currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia.