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James ARAX

United Kingdom

James Arax is painter&architect. The MATRIX paintings are the most representative works of James Arax produced during the PRESENCE PAINTING performance. These are large canvases 200x170cm called MATRIX produced in the presence of a person. "Matrix paintings are a temporal structure in which I record these unique and precious moments spent with a person that I may never see again." James initiated the performance Presence Painting at the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris in 2006. To date he has produced more than 70 performances with people he met in Paris, London, Berlin, New York... James also creates NFTs digital pieces from his artworks. He created the startup Hypview to sublimate art and luxury objects with Mixed reality on Hololens helmets. He is also interested in neuroscience and oriental philosophy, practises Taichi Chuan ( Yang form) for 20 years.