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Dave T


Welcome to the world through David T's lens! David T cherishes seizing casual opportunities to capture moments and tells stories by capturing the essence of a scene through his part-time pursuit. In his view, photography is the art of freezing time, granting each image a life of its own. Whether it's the serene beauty of nature, the vibrant scenes of city life, or the quietude of a fleeting coastal moment, each photo carries an untold narrative – the locations, the subjects, and the moments that ignited the desire to click the shutter. And that's just the beginning. David T warmly welcomes your perspective and values it equally. Each image is a conversation waiting to unfold. Some will speak to you instantly, while others may ask you to ponder. Art isn't just about the visual; it's about the emotions and ideas it stirs. From classic black and white compositions to colorful coastal scenes, each image is a unique expression of the art of freezing time. Thank you for exploring the world through "The Lens of Dave T!"