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My priority was always to learn something new whenever I would get a new job. However, despite this fact and the fact that deep inside of me I always knew that I am an artist, for many, many years, I didn't dare to admit to myself that I can create my art. Even that the art came to me what I like to call from above. Whenever I was sitting in boring meetings, or just at my desk or even while studying in the university, I let my hand run free and doodle whatever the pen wanted to make. It wasn't the work of my brain or even my imagination. I never planned it or made any other specific preadjustments. I feel that it just happened through my hands many times. Funnily enough, as a matter of fact, whenever I tried to "catch" the moment and try to create something purposely, nothing ever came out of it. I was just staring at the white, empty piece of paper and couldn't do a thing. Whereas my mind was mainly preoccupied with something else, like a lecture or a meeting, my hand would create all those crazy symbols and ornaments, that I would stare at and wouldn't know how exactly they "happened". So I always knew there was something sacred about those doodles that I would create occasionally, but I never really knew what to do about them. I saved and carried all of them to my travels for many years. I also had a few not so successful attempts to recreate them digitally, but they would always crash into the lack of knowledge and skills and my impatience to look for solutions. I would get stuck into small things like how to create this or that geometrical figure and wouldn't move forward because of that. Now going into the year 2022, after those eye-opening years of 2020 and 2021 I learn more and more about myself and the true reality around me. Recently I gave it one more chance to recreate my precious pieces of art digitally, and this time it worked like magic. I learned that the solution for the things I tried to do was just around the corner. The technical issues that would get me stuck for days and then eventually for weeks and years worked this time in a few hours. I understood that I always had the tools I needed I just wasn't ready to receive the understanding. But I believe that everything is connected. I wasn't ready to make the art available to a wider audience because the world wasn't ready to see it. And now it looks like it's just about the right time to let them shine.