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Ovidiu-Valeriu Bojor is multidisciplinary artist born in 1994 in Transilvanya, Romania and curently based in Barcelona. He graduated from University of Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca. Ovidiu's work varies between traditional art and new media art. One of his main interests is the connection between the spiritual and the physical world and how art can give the audience a deep self-experience, questioning what is real and what is not real. His work depicts an immaterial world that merges with a material world. In Ovidiu's vision this place of the meeting between the two worlds is in total harmony and its source of existence is simultaneously in infinite places and forms that are constantly metamorphosing. What he depicts is outside space and time and yet encompassing both. Through his work, he intrigues the view's mind towards abstract thinking. The intention of his work is to make the audience think deeply, to ask questions about what they see and feel and to emphasize the ambiguity of reality.